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The Highest Satisfaction Among Doctors

eClinicalWorks understands that the truest measures of an EHR are customer satisfaction and value. When Reaction Data in January 2018 polled nearly 900 doctors who use an EHR daily, the results were clear. For overall satisfaction, eClinicalWorks outranked every other major vendor including Epic, athenahealth, Greenway, NextGen.

A Leader in a Changing Market

The once wide-open EHR landscape is narrowing. In 2017 alone, SOAPware closed, McKesson sold their EHR, and athenahealth announced cutbacks. Practice Fusion was bought by Allscripts, which replaced providers’ free EMR with rising fees, uncertainty, and third-party customer service.

No wonder thousands of providers left their legacy EHRs for the power, performance, and reliability of eClinicalWorks, a true, cloud-based solution.

As a privately held company, we answer to customers, not shareholders. We design, build, and service products to meet the needs of busy medical practices. And we provide free EHR upgrades, technology enhancements, and tools for value-based care — without ever increasing our support and maintenance fees.

How much money are you really spending trying to keep your billing staff in house?

eClinicalWorks Outperforms Allscripts, athenahealth, Epic, & NextGen in Physician Satisfaction

Reaction Data survey shows eClinicalWorks shines with 82% of satisfied users WESTBOROUGH, Mass.—January 30, 2018—eClinicalWorks®, a leader in healthcare IT solutions, outperforms Allscripts, athenahealth, NextGen, and Epic in physician satisfaction in a new report from Reaction Data.


The report found the eClinicalWorks comprehensive EHR solution shines with 82% of satisfied physicians using an EHR daily, with a rating of 5 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10, compared to 67% for Epic, 58% for athenahealth and Greenway, 55% for NextGen, and 28% for Allscripts.  The report found 53% of users advocated for eClinicalWorks, with a rating of 7 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10. 





TSYS is the only payments provider to receive both prestigious awards in 2018


we are so Proud to call them partners


History making combat

veteran hopes to inspire




"Thank you Dr Kevin Murphy and team for everything you do!"

Former MLB star and San Diego native David "Boomer" Wells donates 100k for veterans' treatment.

Practices reaching the 99% clean claim status have:

  • Faster access to revenue
  • Better realization in gross revenue
  • Less cost associated with collection of revenue (i.e. decreased overhead)
  • Increased patient satisfaction levels with fewer questions and complaints about the administrative portion of his or her visit

Technology is changing how we provide healthcare


Deliver an in-office experience with online ease

  • With healow TeleVisits, you can deliver the same quality care online as you do in the office. Patients’ clinical data is fully integrated. Your workflows are unaffected, with access to all the same powerful tools, like lab interfacing and electronic prescribing. Intelligent bandwidth management provides a stable and secure connection, optimized to prevent skip, lag, or loss of audio quality.


TeleVisits are convenient, secure, and reimbursable

  • You and your patients don’t need to invest in new hardware or fancy cameras. healow TeleVisits is a software-based solution that uses existing computers, networks and webcams, and works with every browser, with no need for plug-ins. Technical assistance is available to both you and your patients. And TeleVisits are reimbursable under many public and private payer plans.

We guide you through the telemedicine maze

  • Are you confused by telemedicine rules and regulations? Do you think you lack the time to learn to use it effectively? Not to worry. eClinicalWorks understands telemedicine regulations state by state. We have the technical knowledge to get you started — simply, clearly and easily.

A sustainable solution that's here to stay

  • With healow TeleVisits, you’re part of the evolution of medicine, delivering quality care to patients who — for reasons of health, time or convenience — can benefit from an online visit. We help make that visit virtually indistinguishable from an in-office experience. And because TeleVisits are easy for your patients, they’re more likely to try them and keep on using them. 





Online appointment booking, apps, and health trackers

  • With healow, patients enjoy unparalleled online access to their personal health information. Patient Portal provides secure communications between providers and patients, who can view their records, see lab results, exchange messages, request or book appointments, and view health education materials. Providers can use Messenger for dozens of health campaigns and reminders, while Kiosk speeds office check-in, insurance and demographic updates, and keeps staff focuses on direct patient care.


  • Don’t let your office hours define your appointment booking hours. Today’s patients are busier, more active, and better connected than ever, and have choices of where to receive their healthcare. Meet their expectations by letting them request or book appointments 24/7 from the convenience of their PC or mobile device. Online booking is fast and easy, and offers patients the convenience they expect while helping ease the demands on your front office staff



healow Mom helps moms-to-be…

  • Know what to expect throughout pregnancy
  • Make and track their own appointments
  • Track blood pressure,glucose levels, and more
  • Keep a journal throughout their pregnancy
  • Count baby kicks and time contractions
  • Prepare labor and birth announcements


and helps practices…

  • Reduce no-shows and keep schedules full
  • Communicate with parents