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Why Complete Practice Solutions

Our leadership team at Complete Practice Solutions is compromised of professionals with proven success working on behalf of physician groups, MSO's and hospitals. With decades of experience in diverse healthcare careers - including revenue cycle management, human resources, and clinical and financial software applications - Complete Practice Solutions' team is dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive, results-driven service. Our locations, Kalispell, Montana is just 20 miles from Glacier National Park. Our billing team focuses on the providers success and takes pride in a job well done. Our goal is your success.

Why eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks is the leading cloud-based EHR in the industry, with more than 130,000 doctors, nurse, practitioners, and 850,000 medical professionals using our solutions worldwide. They have won numerous awards over the years, including being recognized by IDC and named to Inc. Magazine's Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies. 
They are a privately held company which means they are able to listen to what the customers say and respond to their needs. they are consistently profitable year and year, with 2016 revenues of $440 million.
Don't just take our word for it - when rated by physicians, eClinicalWorks outranks other EHR companies in every category that counts.

Reducing Practice Operating Costs — Teaming up with an experienced medical billing partner billing helps reduce the expenses of your medical practice. The cost of hiring and training staff for will be greatly reduced

eClinicalWorks — Unified with the eCW's EMR and PM cloud based software, allows us to be experts at what we do and allows you to be experts at what you do. 

Claims Are Paid Faster — Having a partner that is solely dedicated to ensuring quick and accurate payment vs. having an in house billing staff that is troubled with balancing multiple tasks and roles.

eClinicalWorks — National Rule engines, claim status, and hundreds of other features allows CPS to ensure the success of a claim.

Stay Up to Date with Regulation Changes   Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations of medical billing can be a challenge. Working with a dedicated billing company means you are always informed of the latest government regulations and the most recent industry billing trends. This means better compliance for your practice with less rejected claims.

eClinicalWorks — Lets face it, changes and regulations are effecting your bottom line. The only way to counter this is to be extremely proficient and quick to change. eCW has a work force of 5,000 that assist with exactly this.

Greater Control of Your Revenue — Although many medical practitioners have a fear that outsourcing medical billing will cause a loss of control on the practice’s revenue collections, the truth is, outsourcing medical billing actually offers you better control. 

eClinicalWorks — CPS combined with eCW offers transparent co-sourcing solutions. Both parties have 100% access to patient claim status and we never touch your money. 

eClinicalWorks BY THE NUMBERS


Physicians and NPs using eClinicalWorks worldwide


Healthcare professionals using eClinicalWorks


Facilities running on eClinical Works

eClinicalWorks  V11 (EHR SUITE)

eClinicalWorks V11  is the latest version of our core EHR/PM solution, with hundreds of enhancements. In combination with our advances in interoperability, V11’s speed and utility will transform practice workflows — with comprehensive documentation, better visibility for Population Health understanding, and more powerful tools for assessing risk. V11 is showing the way to the healthcare future — the truly interconnected and intelligent office and medical practice. 


We call her Eva. She’s smart. She’s tireless. Most importantly, she’s the EHR industry’s first virtual assistant! Eva never forgets anything, and will improve the efficiency and quality of your practice. For the first time, providers will be able to use simple voice commands to retrieve patient data. They’ll compare current and past Progress Notes side by side. Eva will put an end to guesswork, toggling between screens, and trying to remember the details vital to patient care and safety.

The voice-activated assistant is meant to help clinicians find relevant patient information more quickly. To activate the software, a physician is able to say, "Hello, Eva," followed by a request to find a patient file. Eva responds with "What would you like to do?" alongside a menu of possible selections — for example, a physician might say, "Eva, show me today's lab."

Eva has been compared to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa in the consumer market. "Physicians will be able to interact with technology a lot easier — as easy as using Alexa," Sameer Bhat, co-founder and vice president of sales at eClinicalWorks, told the Boston Globe. "Technology like this will really cut down the time and help them find information."


eClinicalWorks now supports OpenNotes, allowing more than 130,000 physicians and nurse practitioners to share case notes through the Patient Portal, improving engagement and promoting better outcomes.


Customized Messenger Campaigns target patients who can benefit from additional health reminders. Using clinically relevant information, Messenger identifies patients who need reminders for follow-up care.

  • Generate lists of patients by specific conditions or specialties to identify and close gaps in care.
  • Use campaigns for checkup reminders, administrative notifications, or those overdue for colonoscopies, mammograms, immunizations, and more.
  • Reach patients however they prefer, whether by phone, email, text, Patient Portal or healow app.
  • Messenger Analytics monitors and modifies campaigns to enhance effectiveness.



Top 5 eClinicalTouch Features

  1. Be a truly mobile provider by using cellular connections.
  2. Multitask to keep up with the busy medical world.
  3. Jellybeans for e-prescribing, telephone encounters, and documentation are ready to use.
  4. Native iPad app offers full documentation of all visits.
  5. Features for specialists include OB Flow-sheet, built-in camera for dermatology, and speedy native-built app for urgent care.







Kiosk allows your patients to check in for their appointments with ease, confirm insurance information, and answer questionnaires - and links that information directly to the EHR. Your front-office staff gain time they can use to answer calls and assist other patients.


Online visibility and ease of access to all the resources you have to offer your patients is the foundation of a strong medical practice. Enable every patient to use Patient Portal, whether on their laptop or smartphone. Get discovered and stay booked by offering patients 24/7 access to their medical records, and the ability to make or request appointments with a single click!



To thrive in today's healthcare environment, you need more than a good website. Patients need easy and comprehensive access to all that you offer. Start with Patient Portal, healow apps, and online booking to establish a strong online presence. Add Kiosk check-in, Messenger campaigns, and TeleVisits to strengthen Patient Engagement. Then fine tune your practice for the future through our Patient Relationship Management (PRM) Services.